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August District Roundtable Notes

Notes from August District Roundtable:

1. Attendees: Mr. Betts, Mr. Razzano, Mr. Nye, and Ms. Roberts (DJ’s Mom)

2. Announcements:
a. Camporall- conflict with Cub Scouts schedule- may be fewer Webelos attending- Family C/O that weekend- it is okay to personally invite Webelos and bring with the Troop
b. SWC- volunteers for SWC staff wanted. Need to have attended SWC twice and served as Patrol Leader at SWC
c. Cooking Demonstration- Sept 3rd District Roundtable will have scouts demonstrate cooking, and their favorite meal. Would like units to provide a Patrol to cook
d. Internet Advancement: At “” go to legacy tools. Also, log service hours here.
e. Quartermaster Closet: Information can be found on Chicken-sheet. Can donate serviceable gear which they will loan out

3. Breakout:
a. Campout 100: next year AAC will celebrate 100 yr. anniversary. March 11-13, Planning for 5k people. Need help with activities. Ted Kraus is head of activities. No Camporee in spring- wants everyone to       attend C/O 100
b. October 17th: Merit Badge University sponsored by District at Ogelthorp Univ. Need Counselors. Registration opens August 24.