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2018 “Active Adult Leader” – BSA National adult dues credit

Troop 714 success depends completely on the volunteer commitment of adult leaders serving the boys in the troop. There is no way the troop can adequately thank those leaders for their service to this community. One small attempt which we do make is to pay from the troop budget  the BSA National dues (currently $33/year) for the fully active and trained registered adult leaderships.  Adhering to the Scout Law point “Thrifty”,  we can only extend this option to uniformed adult Scouters who are not only fully trained for their position, but who have also completed extra training for delivering a safe and fun program for the boys. Additionally, such leaders must have participated actively in the previous charter year and commit to continuing active leadership in the coming year. Oh, and yes, you must turn in your re-registration paperwork to Mrs. Ritchie on time (by 2018-10-22.)

Full details on the “active adult leadership” BSA dues option is on the troop web site ( at: