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What’s in your pack? Backpacking Skills 101

Many of the best adventures in Scouting occur within a backpacking environment! (Think Philmont! Gateway to adventure!)
Are you asking, “where do I even start?”

Preparation / skills / equipment demonstration ..
Sunday, October 15, 2:30pm, MVUMC Annex/Farm House (on picnic tables outside)

Get ready for the adventure of backpacking with T-714!
(This event is important for both Scouts and their parents to attend!)

Experienced Scout and adult backpackers, fresh from this weekend’s backpacking trip, will have their packs and gear from the weekend out for a great “show & tell”! You’ll get to see how a fully packed backpack should look from the outside, and the inside, and what gear each hiker packed: lots of variety, different approaches, different styles. We’ll unpack the packs on the tables and you can walk around, look, ask questions, hear the excitement that each hiker brings “to the table”!

Uniform not required, class-B shirt requested for Scouts. Parents and others welcome.