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ILST – Feb. 10th – Leadership Training for Scouts

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) is a BSA course taught at the troop level to prepare Scouts approaching First Class rank for leadership responsibilities as troop officers or patrol leaders in working on Star rank and above. ILST is taught by senior Scouts in the troop who have leadership training and experience (e.g., NYLT, NAYLE, etc.)

ILST training is generally available only once per year so all Scouts approaching First Class or above who have not attended ILST before should attend. Also, Older Scouts who have not followed their initial ILST experience with NYLT within three years are expected to attend to refresh their leadership skills.

Full details are in the flyer at:

Event Flyers

A signup sheet will be out at meetings starting on January 22nd.
Please plan/reserve February 10th to attend this training if you are not currently trained with ILST or NYLT experience.
Also, additional Scouts with NYLT experience can signup to assist with leading the training!