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Grand Canyon – Rim to Rim – Updated – Maps

Update: Trail elevation, map, and data attached below.

Last summer the Scouts started an exciting discussion about a Troop 714 high adventure trek to the Grand Canyon  – a rim-to-rim backpacking trek over fall break 2018. We’ve gotten a bit behind on this with all else that has been happening, so here’s the kickoff for that effort. Please read the information on the flyer and add your name to the “I’m interested!” list on the folder at a meeting (or e-mail Mr. Moultrie directly.) Things will move pretty quickly at this point, so it’s important for you to read and respond without delay! For this trip to happen, we need to have a minimum of seven participants – 3A + 4S. We can take up to 11 participants maximum. Let’s go!!

Flyer and more information:

To help understand the trek plan better, here’s an elevation profile, data sheet with exact distances, and a trail map.
We’ll be starting at Bright Angel Trailhead for the descent and then ascending to the North Kaibab Trailhead.
Overnight stops and other features as outlined in the trip flyer above.

Profile/data/maps at: