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Spring Backpacking Trip

We are going to be hiking a section of the Appalachian trail that is somewhere around 15 miles from the 12th to the 14th of April 2019. We will leave Friday night at Mountainview church at 5:30 and drive to the location of where we will be backpacking and hike to the nearest camp on the trail and spend the night. Then Saturday we will do a large portion of the trail. Lastly Sunday we will finish whatever we did not finish Saturday all the way to the cars and stop for lunch somewhere on the way back home. The only money you will need is to buy lunch on the way back home Sunday.

Unless you have gone on a backpacking check-out trip, or you have approval from leadership, only experienced backpackers will be encouraged to go. A good backpacking trip for beginners is the backpacking checkout trip around October.

For more info: Spring Backpacking 2019