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Permission Form
All scouts are required to fill out this form to participate in any scout event (even if parent will be participating).

Driver Information Form and Acknowledgement
Parents need to fill this form out if they are going to drive scouts to or from an event.

Transportation Guidelines and Drivers Pledge
This document explains all transportation guidelines and the driver’s pledge, which you have to take if you are going to transport a scout to or from an event.

Scouting forms on the BSA National web site:

  • BSA Activity Permission Form You are required to fill out this form to participate in an event (even if parent will be participating also).
  • BSA Forms This page shows you all of the national forms.
  • BSA Medical Forms (last updated 2014) This 4-part form needs to be filled out for every scout and adult annually.

    Scouting forms on the Atlanta Area Council web site:

  • Child Abuse Reporting Requirements Georgia and BSA contact information and forms for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect.
  • NYLT Staff Application NYLT stands for national youth leadership training.
  • Woodbadge Application The Woodbadge program is advanced adult leadership training.

    Troop 714 Created or Modified Forms:

  • 2018 "Active Adult Leader" Status Requirements for “Active Adult Leader” status for member renewal October, 2018.
  • Check Request Form (2011-11) This is a reimbursement form for Troop related expenses.
  • Den Chief Service Approval Form This form is a request to receive credit for being a den chief.
  • Meeting Planning Form This is a great way to plan a meeting.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Application This form is a request to become a merit badge counselor.
  • Quartermaster's Check-Out Form This is a list of things you can check-out from the shed.
  • Scout Individual Goals & Planning Worksheet This is a great goal setting worksheet.