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Service Project Coordinator’s Page

Troop 714 Service Projects Coordinator

Mrs. Yuen

MVUMC Service Projects Coordinator

Mrs. Thorne

Mrs. Yuen is helping track and record all T-714 service projects, both the monthly Service Patrol project for MVUMC and all other projects undertaken at the troop and patrol level. You should e-mail her with records when you are done. Please don’t forget to do this important step of submitting a roster and hours worked for all projects — no matter how small (including Eagle projects).

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Service Patrol Duties
This is a list of the duties of the Service Patrol.

Program and Service Patrol Assignments:

Month Program Patrol Service Patrol
May 2018 Blackbirds Jolly Rogers
June 2018 Vipers Blackbirds
July 2018 Spartans Vipers
August 2018 Jolly Rogers Spartans
September 2018 Blackbirds Jolly Rogers
October 2018 Vipers Blackbirds
November 2018 Spartans Vipers
December 2018 Jolly Rogers Spartans

Mrs. Thorne is helping coordinate service projects benefiting MVUMC and Cherokee M.U.S.T. Contact Mrs. Thorne by e-mail and she can help with both the monthly service project required of all Service Patrols as well as any Eagle Scouting looking for a project benefiting these organizations. While Mrs. Thorne can help you find a project benefiting MVUMC, you must still contact Mrs. Yuen with the roster and hours worked for all projects.

Remember that every month the Service Patrol is required to perform at least a one hour service project benefiting MVUMC. Mrs. Thorne can help you find/plan that project and Mrs. Yuen will make sure you and your patrol member receive credit in the troop records for the project. Be sure to work with both of them!

Eagle Service Projects do not have to benefit MVUMC, but if you would like to find a project at MVUMC, talk to Mrs. Thorne for ideas. Your Eagle Coach can help you find other ideas for Eagle Scout Service Projects. When you have completed your project, don’t forget to send an e-mail with the service records so all your friends get credit for their participation!


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