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Troop Positions

Troop Positions

In our Troop, there are many leadership positions that a scout can hold. As a scout led troop, these positions are responsible for guiding and directing troop activities. They also provide an opportunity to teach Scouts to become leaders. The SPL and ASPL are elected by the troop and the PLs are elected by members of their patrol. The rest of the Troop Officers are appointed by the SPL and ASPL. Collectively the Scouts in these position form the Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) which meets monthly and directs the troop program.

Leadership Opportunities
This document explains how to become a leader in the Troop.

Patrol Elections and Reorganization Rules
This document outlines the rules for Patrol Elections and Patrol Reorganization.

Troop Officer Eligibility Criteria
This document sets the minimum criteria for being eligible for troop positions.

The troop officers (PLC) establish their vision for the troop, and the goals and activities to support that vision, each year at the Annual Planning Campout (August.) Each member of PLC, as part of their leadership position, must serve as “Scout In Charge” (Scout led planning) for one troop activity. Since planning for activities must start months before the activity, leadership credit for the Scout-in-Charge (SiC) requirement is granted for work complete, in-progress, or committed (see Activities chair for the current activity sign-up list.

These are the duties and responsibilities of each position.

Senior Patrol Leader Duties
The SPL is the leader of the troop and runs all troop meetings, events, activities, PLC meetings, the annual program planning conference, and more.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Duties
ASPL How to Guide
Assists the SPL in leading meetings and activities; running the troop in the absence of the SPL; and helping train and supervise the troop scribe, quartermaster, librarian, historian, webmaster, bugler, Leave No Trace Trainer and chaplain’s aide.

Patrol Leader Duties
Patrol Leader How to Guide
The Patrol Leader represents the patrol at all PLC meetings and the annual program planning conference, plans and leads patrol meetings and activities, prepares the patrol to take part in all troop activities, keeps patrol members informed and leads the patrol.

Quartermaster Duties
Quartermaster How to Guide
The Quartermasters provide access to the troop shed, where scouts can checkout troop equipment.

Troop Guide Duties
Troop Guide How to Guide
The Troop Guide introduces new Scouts to the operation of the troop, helps them feel comfortable and guides them through early Scouting activities.

Scribe Duties
Scribe How to Guide
The Scribe keeps the troop records, takes attendance at troop meetings, and takes notes during the monthly PLC meeting.

Chaplain’s Aid Duties
Chaplain’s Aid How to Guide
The Chaplain’s Aide is responsible for providing scout services for events that go on past Saturday night and closing troop meetings.

Historian Duties
Historian How to Guide
The Historian gathers pictures and facts about troop activities, keeps them in a scrapbook, and keeps information about former members of the troop.

Librarian Duties
Librarian How to Guide
The Librarian inventories the troop library, makes sure that there is a current copy of merit badge pamphlets for all Eagle Required merit badges, and manages the check in and check out procedures.

OA Troop Rep Duties
OA How to Guide
The OA Troop Representative attends OA functions when possible, passes on information and communications between the OA lodge and the troop, assists with organizing the annual OA troop election, and coordinates OA activities with the other troop members.

Duties and Responsibilities of Webmaster, Bugler, and Leave No Trace Trainer will be posted soon.