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Program Patrol

Program Patrol

The Program Patrol is responsible for planning and leading troop meetings.  This includes planning the opening, program, and game for the troop meeting.  Patrols are assigned to be Program patrol for an entire month.  Plans for the monthly program must be turned into PLC 1 month in advance for approval.  plans and carry’s out the program for all troop meetings in a month. Once the patrol completed its Program Patrol duties, they must serve as Service patrol the following month (See the Service Patrol Page).

Meeting Planning Form
This form should be used to plan the troop meetings and must be turned in for each troop meeting to PLC for approval one month prior to the beginning of the month.

Games Book #1
Games Book #2
These books can help plan games for the program.

Look at the schedule for Program and Service Patrol at the Service Project Coordinator’s page.