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Uniform Closet

Troop 714 Uniform Closet

Uniform Policy

Troop 714 policy is for Scouts to be in full class-A uniform for activities, including troop meetings and traveling. BSA policy states Scoutmaster conferences and Boards of Review must be conducted with the Scout in full uniform and with the current badge of rank and other patches properly worn.

Uniform Information and Uniform Closet

Uniforms wear out and scouts grow.  If your scout needs uniform renovation, you have a number of choices.

  1. New uniform parts are available from the Scout Shop, at the Atlanta Area Council Volunteer Service Center (More information HERE). Additionally, you can now purchase online as well as check prices, sizes and styles on the BSA national web site!
  2. A number of local consignment shops sometimes have Boy Scout uniform parts at significant savings over the cost of new items too.
  3. Troop 714 manages a uniform closet. You can check with the Uniform Closet Chairperson for availability of specific items or sizes.  The uniform closet is available free of charge for all active scouts at each troop meeting.  If you have extra items you don’t need or that have been outgrown, please donate them to the uniform closet. Simply bring those to any troop meeting and they will be made available to other scouts. If you see scout uniform items in your travels, garage sales, consignment sales, please consider purchasing them and donating them to the uniform closet.

Please Note: The purpose of the uniform closet is to help each scout have a complete uniform. If you already have an item please don’t ask for a spare or duplicate, leave it for someone who doesn’t have any of that item.