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Service Patrol

Service Patrol

A patrol is always Service Patrol for the month after the patrol has served as Program Patrol. The Service Patrol must arrive at the Troop meeting by 6:45 PM and must stay after the closing until the duties are complete. These are the duties of the Service Patrol.

Before each meeting:

  • Take down tables and stack chairs if there are any in the middle of the room (circular tables should be move next to the windows).
  • Bring all flags (American, troop, and patrol) from shed and set them up in the room.  The American flag should be to the left of the stage and the troop flag should be to the right.  Patrol flags should be placed behind the American flag.
  • Bring the library (blue boxes) from shed and place them on the table.
  • Bring the uniform closet from the shed.
  • Bring the troop picture roster from the shed and place it on the table.
  • Setup two tables next to the doors for flyers.

After each meeting:

  • Take all flags (patrol, troop, and American) to the shed.
  • Take the library (blue boxes) to the shed.
  • Take the uniform closet to the shed.
  • Take the troop picture roster to the shed.
  • Set up tables as requested by the church.  See the Scoutmaster for instructions.
  • Check the trash cans for food trash or to see if they’re full. If food is in it, or it is full, take it to the dumpster behind the shed. New trash bags are in the closet in the kitchen.
  • Pick up any trash on the floor.
  • Make sure bathrooms are clean.
  • Make sure tables and chairs next to the windows are organized neatly.
  • Practice Leave no Trace and leave the church better than when we found it.

During the Service month, a Service Patrol is required to:

  • Perform a service project for/at MVUMC (at least one hour/Scout with at least 1/2 of the patrol participating). The patrol leader must contact the  MVUMC troop service coordinator HERE for help finding/selecting a project.

Once per year (Aug.->July), every Patrol is required to:

  • Plan and participate in a service project outside MVUMC (at least one hour/Scout with at least 1/2 of the patrol participating). The troop service coordinator HERE offers help in finding/selecting a project.

Look at the schedule for Program and Service Patrol at the Service Project Coordinator’s page.