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Winter Sports Weekend


The Troop is in the middle stages of trying to plan for the Ski Trip during Cobb County Winter Break. 

We would be leaving Wed. Feb 19 and returning Sun. Feb 24.

We are trying to determine the best options for lodging and need to get an approximate headcount of people who would want to attend this event.

The event is intended to be open to family participation.

At this time we believe we will end up at Winter Place Ski Resort in West Virginia. About a 6 to 7 hour drive to get there.

Lodging cost will likely be in range of $20 to $25 per person per night depending on how the numbers shake out. So about $100 per person for the entire trip.  That will include breakfast.  Options we are looking at basically have us all in one big shared room.

3 Day Ski Lift Ticket is:

$89 for Youth

$123 for Adult

3 Day Ski Rental will be approximate as follows based on last year rates:

$59 for Youth

$80 for Adult

The lodging options will not allow us to do any group cooking so we would be eating lunch and dinner out; however, we may be able to figure out how to do a group lunch daily that we buy at a local grocery and there may be some options for meal vouchers to buy that will be good for local dining facilities.

So total cost would run around the following assuming you need skis and rates don’t change much.

Youth $250 Each

Adult $300 Each

Plus transportation cost and lunch and dinner costs.

Please review the above information and let Janeen DenHaese know if you are seriously considering going. We need to get approximate numbers in order to secure the lodging options.